As a blogger, especially the frequent ones

Sometimes too much information is given to a stranger randomly met online. This information may be used against the supplier personally. In some instances blogging is used as a tool to defame someone. This is particularly dangerous when the victim finds out, as you can expect anything to happen including death.The problem with blogging is that there is absolutely no control over what is posted.Bloggers can freely post whatever comments they want, no matter how ruthless. Moreover you can never be sure whether the information posted is true. Bloggers’ personal information may also be false, and this is dangerous because bloggers often like mimicking other people, and this is the perfect platform to defame or exploit the victim’s profile or reputation, the victim being the person being mimicked. Information Security Blog

As a blogger, especially the frequent ones, there are certain responsibilities that must be handled. Never ever try to defame someone, even if you are using a profile containing fake information. You are not only putting yourself at risk but also other people.Avoid posting too much information about yourself on your blog. Limit the number of your pictures posted as it can be the subject of wrong use if it falls into the wrong hands. Also avoid posting information of your daily life. Some people like posting various events of their life on blogs, like a journal. This is the prime source of information for stalkers. Blogging is not actually a dangerous activity, but it does become dangerous once you decide to make it. Blogging is done at your own risk; do not expect online rules to save you.