Is there any place for introverts in Dubai?

Is there any place for introverts in Dubai?

People who have recently shifted to Dubai either by getting a house or one of the apartments for sale in Dubai know how difficult it is to leave your home during summers. In Dubai the advent if scalding summer heat comes with more work and exam pressure, therefore public libraries should usually be the go-to for everyone.

Especially, if you are a parent who wants to save their kids from endless videogames all the protecting them kids from radiating summer heat, the public libraries close to your house can be a real catalyst for your kid’s inner freedom and flow of creativity. Besides, libraries can also be a great place for you to go and get all your work done.

If living in Dubai has made you convinced that you would never be able to locate a quiet and creative spot like a library, amidst the concrete, then we are here to prove you wrong.

In this blog we have collected some of the best public libraries in Dubai, s let’s get started!


Founded somewhere around 2017, Youthxhub is a library for young people who crave a place that enable their creative spirits to run wild.

This public library was one of teh best initiatives taken by the modern government, so the Emarati youth could reach for the sky with zero limits. Since this place acknowledges the fact that two minds are always more powerful than one, it encourages young people to communicate their ideas with each other, so they could be prepared for a connected future.

If you think that you are too old to join a bunch of teenagers in Youthxhub, you are wrong because the approach of this amazing library is to connect the young minds, not the young bodies. So, whether you are 15 or 35, this the platform to express your thoughts regarding the topics you feel very passionately about. The atmosphere of this place is tailor-made for individuals who yearn to be inspired. That is because this place creates such practices that make people of all demographics combine their mutual grounds. Here you would also find numerous meeting rooms for people who are seeking to make new friends or the people who just want to study together.

At this point, you might be wondering if Youthxhub is a library with no books, while the truth is this versatile library is engulfed with and by books. Here you can study, learn and be inspired at the same time. It is a place where everyone is stimulated to embrace their creative mindset.

Al Mankhool

A city like Dubai which is full of extroverted energy have a landmark at the very centre and surprisingly that landmark is none other than a public library i.e. Al Mankhool!

Al Mankhool is a children’s library that was developed with a goal of changing the course of your child’s life. This amazing spot is perfect for kids to expand their knowledge, explore their creative self and build their mindset.

The interior of this library is strategically designed to inspire children’s, therefore it is full of popping and cheery colours. Here you would find books of all varieties and covering every subject.

The owners of Al Mankhool understand the fact that childhood holds a pivotal position in every kid’s mind, therefore this library focuses on developing your kid’s personality and self-esteem. Besides, books this library also has a kid’s section where they can not just read but do take part in multiple activities.

Al Safa Art & Design Public Library

This another amazing public library that lies at the heart of Dubai, here you would great architecture adorned all over the walls.  So if your kid or you have an inner artist inside, there is no place better for you to explore it.

The great thing about this library is its spacious white interior that looks even bigger because of enormous glass windows. Because of such a unique interior, every corner of this library would make you feel as though you are standing somewhere in the fields of Denmark.

Since, Dubai offers everything to everyone, whether you are an extrovert or introvert, this city should be your number staying destination. So you should either rent a place or get one of the villas for sale in Dubai.