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Mob wars is renowned, influential and the most worthwhile game app on Facebook and noticeably, it has reached 2 million month-to-month active user counts. What driven it upward? How did it pass? Who has the genius brain behind this app, let’s take an insightful tour to Mob Wars and find out the hidden fact about it.

Back in January 2008, Mob wars has been developed by way of David Maestri and given that then it has end up the fast rushing user-ship gaming app on Facebook. He described this app as” Elite Mafia of Facebook underworld” that is pretty attractive for the adolescents kingdom all over the globe.


Statistics of Mob Wars shows that each day lively users are attaining 495,609 count number to date, which were began from the 331 day by day lively customers in January, 2008 and the monthly lively users are hitting 2,421,346 by using the stop of 2008.

But the query is how Mob Wars has carried out outstanding boom in quite brief time, and the answer Mr. David gave is that Mob Wars recreation has been built across the viral-inviting version e.G. If a consumer invites several pals, then there are greater probabilities that those invited buddies will invite extra, so this chain will go on.

Reward Scheme?

It is regularly asked if the game may be won, or are there any physical prizes and rewards for winners? The answer is NO. (Virtual) Cash, health and power vist rewards are given to winners to invite pals and compete them. You do not handiest need to invite humans for rewards however you need to hold yourself engaged in gaming activities.

Although Mob Wars has been practicing prohibited acts inclusive of pressured-invites to make bigger Mob size, to get more power or other virtual blessings, but nonetheless the numbers of users are increasing tremendously, even no longer only on Facebook, they’re spreading on other social connecting networks as well.


What made Mob Wars the maximum worthwhile gaming app on app, is it the number of each day active users who’re growing with the wild fireplace? No, it can not be the simplest purpose. They are becoming profitable with the aid of pulling bucks from users. How? They have absolutely used techniques to monetize the sport,

Banner Advertising and Cost in line with motion (CPA).

They earned thousands and thousands of greenbacks by using placing banner advertisement on the pinnacle of every Mob War sport, So they get revenue by means of every click on on Advertisement and the second one most worthwhile way of monetization is performed by Cost Per Action (CPA), it offers partnership with different businesses e.G. Offerpal media, Super Rewards etc.