The best way to Care for Copper Sinks

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Most people are unfamiliar with ways to take care of copper sinks. As considered one of the most important brands and distributors of copper sinks all over the US, I thought an easy report regarding how to care for your copper sink could be useful. Copper is incredibly very easy to take care of and it naturally resists germs and microbes.

Copper Care and Maintenance

Cleaning-Use only cleaning soap and h2o. Will not use Brasso* or other auto sink faucets copper cleaners, they’re going to get rid of the all-natural patina.

Upkeep-Wax your copper sink that has a good quality car wax at least 2 times a yr (Spring and Tumble). Use wax, permit to haze and buff till taken out. (* Our sink occur prewaxed, so It is far from needed to wax right after set up). Be sure to note which you could generally apply extra applications of wax, this gives an additional layer of protection.

Sharpening-If essential, use an excellent household furniture oil (Old English, and so forth) or Olive oil to provide out an excellent glow on the copper sink. I personally propose Olive oil; it’s going to enrich the color of your patina eventually.

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