Wigs: when all else fails

So you’ve tried all the hair loss treatments on the market, but your hair keeps thinning and your hairline has shrunk so much that the bangs simply won’t hide the fact anymore.
Or maybe you are going through chemotherapy and fear the idea of ​​your hair falling out in locks, which is an insult to the damage.

Here are some things to know about wigs if you decide not to go bald. There are good and bad things about wigs.
There are also many wig options and features to choose from. Good things about wigs

1. No more bad hair days. With proper care, your wig will look great every day.
2. The full hair look you instantly get with a wig takes 20 years away from your look. 3. Wigs save styling time. Human hair wigs can be styled as you like. If you are not wearing yours while you sleep, there is no need to comb your hair in the morning.
Synthetic wigs require virtually no styling. Wash with shampoo; Flushing; I know that; fluff; hang to dry. The style returns when the wig dries. In the morning, all you have to do is style it in place and maybe sprinkle it with some hair spray.
4. The wigs are convenient. Good quality human hair wigs cost just $ 300. The best synthetic wigs cost around $ 200. Think of your wig as a piece of clothing that you will wear every day. Would you pay that much for a very special dress or dress?
5. If you treat your wig well, you can expect a wig (worn only during the day) to last at least three years.
A good buying strategy is to buy a new one about once a year, and each one is slightly different in length and / or style from the old one. This way, you can go from a short look to a longer one. When you switch from a longer wig to a shorter one, just say you have cut your hair!

6. If you are not sensitive to what others say or think, you can make wigs a fashion statement. You can change your “look” every day or even more often according to your mood or the occasion of the day.
Bad things about wigs

1. The things people say. If your hair has noticeably thinned when you purchase your first wig, the difference will be very noticeable.
Most people will be thoughtful and will just tell you how beautiful your hair is or how young you look. However, you can count on some numb people to announce in a loud accusing tone: “You wear a wig right ?!” Get ready for a bold comeback for them. For example, “Why the hell would you ask such a question?”

2. The only way to change the color is to buy a new wig. While human hair wigs can theoretically be colored, it’s not worth the risk of damaging micro link extensions  such a significant investment.
3. There may be some activities you need to give up; for example, swimming.
Chlorine is very harsh on human hair wigs.
Wet hair is heavier and your wig may slip (see next point for solutions to this). Synthetic wigs don’t look much like human hair when wet and the straps may be visible.
Four. Wigs can slip, fall out or tear. There are measures to avoid such a disaster. A well-fixed wig can stay in place during a high-impact aerobics class.
5. Wigs are hot, literally. It’s like wearing a cap on summer days in doggy style (or during a high impact aerobics class!). Ah, the high price of beauty.
Wig options

1. There are salons that specialize in human hair wigs. While this makes the process more expensive, it ensures that your wig will always be well-designed and well-groomed. One of the options offered by these salons is to “sew” the wig onto the head (using the remaining hair as a thread). This causes wear and tear on the rest of the hair, but it can be possible for several years or indefinitely.